The essence of this design was to create a bed headboard compatible for all persons.

A headboard is often an immobile component at the head end of the bed where often little change can be made. This can be inconvenient, especially when two people want to read, watch TV, eat breakfast, etc. As individuals we all differ, not only in character but also in physical size, and so our preferences for the positioning of pillows, reading lights, shelves and niches, also differ. We search for the most comfortable position in bed to relax and unwind.

The elements in this design are simple and practical. The accessories are equipped with pegs which slot into openings in the headboard. This allows accessories to be placed in various positions and at various heights.

The LED lighting behind the headboard allows a soft glow to filtrate through the slots which are not in use and this creates soft background lighting. The outer edging of the headboard has a wooden trimming and is installed with LED lighting. This creates the image of an independent headboard separated from the wall. A reading lamp can be placed at the desired height for avid readers.

The Flexy-Bed-Board and accessories are made of painted plywood with a wooden edge of walnut. The insertable pillows have been upholstered with various coloured fabrics.